Genotyping / sequencing tools and services

African breeding programs leap forward by accessing new genotyping data

With newly accessible genotyping technologies, African crop breeding programs have partnered with EiB to start using genotyping resources to improve accuracy and efficiency.

As breeders strive for higher-yielding, climate-resilient and nutritious crops, genotyping is intensifying the speed and accuracy of achieving breeding goals. But new technologies have often been out-of-reach for national breeding programs in developing countries.

Wheat mid-density genotyping services

Within the “Accelerating Genetic Gains in Maize and Wheat” and “Zinc mainstreaming in Wheat” projects funded by the BMGF, the UK FCDO, the USAID, and the FFAR; CIMMYT is piloting to further shortening its breeding cycle to increase its breeding efficiency. A robust, cost-effective mid-density SNP platform is ideal for this type of genomic-assisted breeding approach.

Mid-density genotyping service

The EiB mid-density genotyping service is a DArTAg genotyping method primarily suited to genomic selection applications, but that can also be used for diversity studies, material fingerprinting or background recovery in marker assisted selection (MAS) to complement low-density genotyping.

The service is targeted at CGIAR and NARS breeding institutions, aggregating demand across institutions to offer genotyping at a cost of US $10-11 per sample, and a turnaround time of 10-15 days.

KASP low density genotyping Platform

A DNA-based molecular marker is a genomic DNA (gDNA) fragment located within a genome at a specific position that may or may not be linked to a specific trait of agricultural interest. Trait linked DNA based markers allow us to easily screen breeding materials for favorable alleles associated with traits of interest.

The EiB low-density genotyping service is based on KASP markers. Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) is a simplified fluorescence-based methodology to genotype specific polymorphisms or INDELS. This approach is cost effective and offers rapid turnaround for low-density marker applications (between 1 and 200 markers), with applications including specific trait screening, quality control and marker assisted selection (MAS). 

The markers available for use in low-density genotyping can be consulted below. This list is continuously updated and improved: kindly remember to revise the list of markers and consult with EiB genotyping services when planning for genotyping, especially new users.