Genotyping / sequencing tools and services

Rice mid-density genotyping service

The 1k RiCA panel for rice is the mid-density genotyping panel developed at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to enable affordable, efficient genomic selection. It has been implemented at several service providers and platforms, but currently is offered at Agriplex and DArT. Both platforms use custom amplicon workflows that reliably deliver almost all markers from all samples.

Basics of Genomic Selection 9. Computational Aspects and Implementation

Abhishek Rathore (ICRISAT)  presents the current state of tools for data management and genomic prediction available at ICRISAT and national programs in India. Abhishek presents a path to the proper implementation of data management tools that ensures the successful deployment of GS in breeding programs. Case examples of crops adopting these systems and their current state are also presented.

Groundnut mid-density genotyping services

Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.), also known as peanut, is cultivated over 34.1 million hectares with an annual production of 66.3 million tonnes (FAOSTAT, 2020). The availability of reference genomes for both the subspecies (A. hypogaea ssp fastigiata and A. hypogaea ssp hypogaea) of cultivated groundnut in 2019 have boosted more precise genomic studies and higher integration of genomic tools in the modern breeding programs across the world (Pandey et al. 2020).

African breeding programs leap forward by accessing new genotyping data

With newly accessible genotyping technologies, African crop breeding programs have partnered with EiB to start using genotyping resources to improve accuracy and efficiency.

As breeders strive for higher-yielding, climate-resilient and nutritious crops, genotyping is intensifying the speed and accuracy of achieving breeding goals. But new technologies have often been out-of-reach for national breeding programs in developing countries.

Low Density SNP Genotyping Services: An EiB Launch Event

The new LDSG service is the latest evolution from the “High Throughput Genotyping - HTPG” project, made possible through the strong partnerships and support of many CGIAR, public and private research organizations.

As CGIAR centers continue their journey toward becoming One CGIAR, the LDSG service is a trailblazing service designed to cater to the needs of new CGIAR and NARs breeding networks. The ultimate goal is to provide quality and affordable genotyping solutions to all.