Genotyping / sequencing tools and services

Tool demo & pre-launch: CGIAR’s online genotyping sample submission system

The success of breeding will depend on our ability to deliver reliable data, information and insights into market segments. CGIAR is preparing to officially launch a genotyping sample submission portal as a step towards these goals.

The shared genotyping services will be the sole entry point for all shared services submissions. This is expected to streamline sample forecasting, logistic management and reduce administrative burden for all users.

Pigeonpea mid-density genotyping services

Genomics interventions in pigeonpea during the last decade, in particular the availability of a reference genome (Varshney et al. 2012) and whole genome sequence data on multiple lines, have enhanced the level of crop improvement(Varshney et al. 2017; Saxena et al. 2021). Cost-effective genotyping platforms are required to deploy genomics assisted breeding in routine crop improvement programs. Therefore, a mid-density genotyping platform has been developed targeting pigeonpea.