Breeding Resources Initiative: Partner Updates 2023


CGIAR Breeding Resource Initiative (led and managed by Genetic Innovation’s Breeding Research Services unit) sends out periodic updates to inform partners about plans, progress, events and resources. These updates are collated on this page. For more information, please contact:

UPDATE: February, 2023 - Process Teams and more

Breeding Resources Initiative is moving forward on our support for CGIAR/NARES breeding programs. In November, we held our first townhall. Now that we’re into 2023, we wanted to provide a quick update on the plans mentioned at that event and on the ongoing work in Process Teams.

  • Regional hubs: CGIAR is moving on developing regional hubs. For example, AfricaRice is set to grow into a regional service provider and facilitator for multiple crops in West Africa, with others soon to follow.
  • Operations support: Building off a year of workshops, Breeding Operation Network for Development (BOND), webinars and continuous improvement sessions, BRI is finalizing capacity development and change management training plans. So, stay tuned to EiB’s event webpage and expect some invitations in your inbox
  • EBS milestones and adoption: Milestone 6 with improved features will roll out early 2023. EBS now has over 500 users across CIMMYT, IITA and IRRI, with others such as AfricaRice beginning to adopt the powerful, shared, multi-crop platform.
  • Lab services are expanding: Shared services include Low Density SNP Genotyping Services (LDSG), Mid-density SNP Genotyping (MDSG), along with training. And launching in 2023, partners will be able to access biochemical testing for nutritional traits and quality.
  • Modernization grants: Crops to End Hunger grants are in the final approval stage and will soon roll out to fill key gaps in the drive to modernization.

Process Teams: And as you may know, we’ve been working across partners to start up our Process Teams. CGIAR will design and deliver its breeding support services through these Teams, so we really appreciate your support. Here’s a brief overview on the Process Teams’ work.

  • WHY: The goal of each Team is to create the CGIAR service functions in that area. Drawing from across Centers and crops, breeding support/processes will become a fully collaborative, multi-institution partnership. For quality data, germplasm, and products, we need interconnected operations between partners that follow harmonized SOPs. Effectiveness, efficiency and quality – this is the goal of One CGIAR!
  • WHAT: Process Teams are cross-center and cross-crop teams that design and eventually deliver CGIAR (and later NARES) services in several areas, starting with: Trialing & Nursery, Data Governance, Breeding Analytics, Lab Services. They are pulling together teams to define the processes to drive improvement, and develop best practices through harmonization of SOPs, workflows and quality controls. Each Team will drive standards linked to the Breeding Process Model (BPM) and the Process Performance Measurement Framework (PPMF). Teams will define their own processes and create sub-teams on specific areas. The Process Stewards will ensure key ways of working are harmonized – methods, metrics, opportunities to collaborate across Centers. They will also identify capacity development needs – to make sure your teams get the training and resources they need. Stay tuned for opportunities for you to engage!
  • WHEN: Now! The process teams are selected and already on their first phase of development. They are now defining plans to drive standards, and working on delivery models.
  • WHO: Process Team members are drawn from expert staff across CGIAR and the work is supported by specialized process consultants. Each Center/crop typically have a representative on each Team – called a Process Steward – who identifies improvement opportunities and leads implementation for that Center/crop. And they will be recruiting Subject Matter Experts to serve on sub-teams. Centers and programs have agreed for members to dedicate a percent of their time to this work. Here you can see the Process Teams and who are involved (work in progress, some positions/names are still to be decided). Initially, we are starting with CGIAR to create the right structures. Then the aim is to roll out an adapted model to NARES.

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We would like to thank all funders who support breeding research through their contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund. And thank you to the supporters  and partners of CGIAR Excellence in Breeding, particularly the funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID.