Mid-density genotyping service

Low-cost access to world class genotyping services for CGIAR and partner breeding centers working on the majority of CGIAR mandate crops

Notice: New 2022 pricing plan for genotyping services

The EiB mid-density genotyping service is a DArTAg genotyping method primarily suited to genomic selection applications, but that can also be used for diversity studies, material fingerprinting or background recovery in marker assisted selection (MAS) to complement low-density genotyping.

The service is targeted at CGIAR and NARS breeding institutions, aggregating demand across institutions to offer genotyping at a cost of US $10-11 per sample, and a turnaround time of 10-15 days.

Compared to the EiB low-density genotyping service, which is recommended as cost-effective up to 200 markers, mid-density is applied to assays of up to 4,000 markers. New users should always consult with EiB to confirm the best service for their use cases.

To get started, see our genotyping services guide and contact us at: CIMMYT-EiB- Genotyping@CGIAR.org.


 Marker availability

Crop Panel name Vendor Marker density Status
Common bean Common bean DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 1.9K Implemented
Cowpea Cowpea DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 2.6K Implemented
Groundnut Groundnut DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 2.5K Implemented
Maize Maize DArTag 3.3K EiB (2.0) DArT 3.5K Implemented
Pigeonpea Pigeonpea DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 2K Implemented
Potato Potato DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 2.1K Implemented
Rice 1K RiCA (v4) Agriplex / DArt 1K Implemented
Sorghum Sorghum DArTag EiB (1.0) DArT 3.5K Implemented
Wheat Wheat DArTag 3.9K EiB (2.0) DArT 3.9K Implemented
Cassava Cassava mid-density genotyping DArT 3-4K Implemented
Yam Yam mid-density genotyping DArT 2K Implemented


Introduction to EiB low- and mid-density genotyping services
Describes the key features, differences and process of EiB genotyping services.
Eng Hwa Ng, Ana Oliveira