User-validated tools, services, best practices, and learning materials developed or curated by EiB, for the improvement of breeding program performance.

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This standard operating practice provides an introduction and use guide to the aerial platforms, sensors and data tools involved in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) phenotyping applications, with a case study of RGB, multispectral and thermal phenotyping on microplots.
Shawn Carlisle Kefauver, José Luis Araus Ortega, M. Luisa Buchaillot
Low-cost access to world class genotyping services for CGIAR and partner breeding centers working on the majority of CGIAR mandate crops
These materials are for training for Continuous Improvement (CI) Workshops, learning the Lean philosophy of improvement, and applying a CI approach to your program or organization.
Theresa Heitman
A series of manuals outlining best practices in breeding scheme design and optimization.
CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform
A scalable and responsive genomic data management system from GOBii.
Genomic open-source breeding informatics initiative (GOBii)
Materials to demonstrate role specialization, responsibilities and metrics-based decision-making in a client-oriented product management process.
Eduardo Covarrubias, George Kotch
It is a powerful solution for allowing users to “estimate the cost of crop breeding and its associated research activities and to help breeders make decisions about resource allocation.
QAAFI, University of Queensland
Templates and recommendations for strategically identifying planned breeding program improvements.
Excellence in Breeding Platform