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The 1k RiCA mid-density genotyping panel for rice consists of roughly 800 genome-wide marker, 22 quality-control markers and up to 200 trait markers distinguishing 87 high-value genes and QTLs. The panel enables genomic selection, variety typing, QTL mapping and fingerprinting of elite material.
EiB genotyping services
Training webinar to introduce the basics of genomic selection and the different scenarios in which this methodology can be used.
CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform
Genotyping panel containing 1,861 SNP markers distributed evenly throughout the 11 chromosomes of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). This panel is suitable for marker-assisted breeding, diversity analyses and germplasm management applications.
EiB genotyping services
Genotyping panel containing 2500 SNP markers distributed across 20 groundnut chromosomes. Suitable for estimating background genome recovery in genomics-assisted breeding, genetic diversity and germplasm management applications.
EiB genotyping services
Collection of available KASP markers for use with the EiB low-density genotyping service
CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform
GitLab repositorium for AlphaSimR, an app for addressing multiple simulation questions for designing breeding programs.
Chris Gaynor, Thanasis Vogogias, Christian Werner, Dorcus Gemenet, Marlee Labroo, G. Eduardo Covarrubias-Pazaran
A tool for selection using indices.
Brian Kinghorn
A tool to perform multi-environment trial analysis.
Johan Aparicio, Salvador Gezan