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Genotyping panel containing 2,432 SNP markers distributed evenly throughout the 20 chromosomes of yam (Dioscorea spp). This panel suits marker-assisted breeding, diversity analyses, genomic prediction and germplasm management applications.
EiB genotyping services
Genotyping panel containing 3,210 SNP markers distributed evenly throughout the 15 chromosomes of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)
EiB genotyping services
Simplified definitions of crop breeding terms to be used with people unfamiliar with plant breeding
The rapid cycle genomic selection (RCGS) archetype, developed by Accelerated Breeding Initiative’s ACCELERATE Work Package, seeks to enable selection and recycling of new parents as fast as possible.
Accelerated Breeding Initiative's ACCELERATE Work Package
Through the CGIAR Service Portal, registered partners can access a variety of services related to crop breeding and research.
GloMIP is a public platform for sharing market intelligence to inform market segmentation, target product profile design, seed systems and investment decision making in crop breeding.
Toolbox website on seed systems of banana, cassava, potato, sweetpotato, and yam—roots, tubers, and bananas.