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Breeding Resources Initiative has established a comprehensive global user support network known as “GUS”, to facilitate the use of breeding data management systems within CGIAR.
This dashboard aims to disseminate the findings of CGIAR-NARES breeding stations evaluations conducted by the Crops to End Hunger’s Facilities Upgrade and Mechanization Improvement project, identifying areas for improvement.
This dashboard encapsulates the results of three projects improving the infrastructure and mechanization capabilities in priority breeding stations across Africa with Crops to End Hunger funds.
This tool allows you to monitor the implementation of the facility upgrade and mechanization improvement project with key performance indicators.
Linking data management systems to analytics is an important step in breeding digitalization.
Khaled Al-Shamaa
Genotyping panel containing 3,495 SNP markers distributed evenly across the 10 chromosomes of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. [Moench]). This panel is suitable for MAS, diversity and germplasm analysis.
EiB genotyping services
This checklist is for crop breeding organizations and farm station management staff to help assess and improve gender inclusion in their workplace.
Martina Cavicchioli
The mid-density genotyping panel for maize consists of 3305 genome-wide markers. The panel enables genomic selection, QTL mapping and fingerprinting of elite material, QC, estimating background genome recovery in genomics-assisted breeding, genetic diversity, and germplasm management applications.
EiB genotyping services