Breeding operations assessment dashboard: fostering efficiency and innovation across CGIAR-NARES breeding stations

This dashboard aims to disseminate the findings of CGIAR-NARES breeding stations evaluations conducted by the Crops to End Hunger’s Facilities Upgrade and Mechanization Improvement project, identifying areas for improvement.

The primary objective is to offer station users visibility into the capacity of breeding stations, emphasizing both their strengths and weaknesses, while also providing funders, Center directors, and managers with visibility into areas requiring improvement.

The dashboard serves as a central hub, providing valuable insights into the harmonization of operational processes by breeding committees. Additionally, the visualization of key investments in infrastructure, such as Crop to End Hunger’s contributions in critical areas like irrigation, field equipment, research equipment, digitization, seed processing, and facilities upgrade, supports users in understanding stations’ capacity.


Explore the data

The dashboard incorporates interactive key performance indicators. To begin, select a region, country, station, Center, and/or year from the top bar. The map and “Assessment” tab will dynamically adjust to your selection, showcasing station ratings in five main categories: agronomic practice, seed processing, planting/harvesting, phenotyping, and continuous improvement.

For each category, the assessment criteria and scale are provided, along with recommendations for process improvement. Users can track stations’ evolution through progress bars displayed for each category. The cumulative ratings across all five categories determine stations’ status: gold, silver, or copper.

Under the "General Info" tab, users can view the breakdown of investments by region, country, station, Center, and/or year, along with details about the materials purchased.

All data is updated in real-time to reflect updates in assessments and improvements at the stations.

If your station, or the station you use, does not appear on the map, or if you believe a visit from the Breeding Resources Initiative team is necessary to assess your station, please request our support through the Service Request Portal.

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