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KALRO research station at Kiboko revamped to accelerate crop breeding

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 7/3/2023

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)’s research station at Kiboko, Kenya, where several partner institutions including the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), conduct significant research activities on crop...

Breeding Resources Initiative: Partner Updates 2023

EiB news | Adam Hunt | 20/2/2023

 CGIAR Breeding Resource Initiative (led and managed by Genetic Innovation’s Breeding Research Services unit) sends out periodic updates to inform partners about plans, progress, events and resources. These updates are collated on this page. For more information, please contact: a.hunt@cgiar.orgUPDATE:...

Leading with vision: Meet the Breeding Resources Initiative leads

| Adam Hunt | 15/2/2023

How can we ensure crop breeding programs best varieties, faster, and more efficiently? CGIAR’s Breeding Resources Initiative (BRI) is working to bring tools, technologies and services to programs in the CGIAR-NARES (national agricultural research and extension systems) networks.Through two short video interviews, Initiative lead Young Wha Lee, and co-Lead Sharifah Shahrul Syed Alwee (Senior Director,...

Five strides forward for CGIAR crop breeding resources and services

Impact | Adam Hunt | 24/1/2023

 Sitting at the cutting edge of science, the crop breeding domain has been improving and refining tools, technologies and techniques. But adoption by public breeding programs focusing on Africa, Asia, and Latin America has often been slow. This has hindered progress on developing the...

Breeding Program Modernization to Enhance Genetic Gain in Crops

Partner news | | 18/1/2023

IRRI, and CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform ran a three-day training workshop on “Breeding Program Modernization to Enhance Genetic Gain in Crops” aimed to accelerate genetic grain in the diverse crops program in Nepal .

Five ways CGIAR accelerated crop breeding in 2022

Success story | Adam Hunt | 5/1/2023

 CGIAR has a rich history of crop breeding results, but modern challenges abound. Too many farmers are still using out-of-date varieties. Climate change is risking crop productivity. And populations in Africa and Asia need more nutritious food now.But we’ve seen a year of major progress under the new One...

Advanced genotyping in Mozambique to accelerate genetic improvement, conservation and agronomy

EiB news | Adam Hunt | 10/12/2022

  CGIAR collaborative efforts are helping Mozambican partners meet food security and environmental challenges. Crop breeding is key to unlocking agricultural potential, and ensuring breeders can access advanced genotyping...

NARES-CGIAR Global Networks adapt Breeding Program Modernization in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Partner news | | 7/12/2022

Breeding Program Modernization was established in an effort to speed-up the modernization of rice breeding programs in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. This October, EiB, Accelerated Breeding Initiative (ABI), Breeding...

Breeding Resources Initiative lays out plans and progress: video & FAQs

| Adam Hunt | 22/11/2022

 As part of CGIAR’s new Genetic Innovation research portfolio, Breeding Resources Initiative (BRI) is already supporting breeders, operations teams, informatics and data experts and others to help CGIAR/NARES breeding networks reach operational excellence.   At a recent BRI Town Hall the BRI team laid out its structure, plans, what the team is already delivering...

Breeding Program Modernization: Empowering NARES to transform breeding in East and Southern Africa

EiB news | Adam Hunt | 8/11/2022

 In East and Southern Africa, rice consumption and demand are increasing at a faster rate than any other crop. Farmers in this region continue to use old varieties that are vulnerable to climate change. The breeders use a...