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Breeding Resources Initiative launches Global User Support (GUS) for breeding information management systems within CGIAR

Breeding Resources Initiative (BRI) has established a comprehensive global user support network known as “GUS”, to enhance the management of breeding information systems throughout CGIAR. GUS is staffed by a dedicated team of data management experts who offer support to CGIAR, partner Centers, and NARES.

Breeding Program Modernization: Empowering NARES to transform breeding in East and Southern Africa

In East and Southern Africa, rice consumption and demand are increasing at a faster rate than any other crop. Farmers in this region continue to use old varieties that are vulnerable to climate change. The breeders use a conventional pedigree-based varietal development process, which is slow, laborious and generally takes more than a decade to release a new variety.

CGIAR and national partners move toward stronger crop breeding partnerships to benefit Sub-Saharan African farmers


Africa’s agricultural research institutes are on a clearer path to developing and delivering more and better nutrient-rich, climate-resilient crops through strengthened partnerships with CGIAR. Enhanced collaboration on crop breeding strategies and technologies is a major step towards developing varieties demanded by farmers and consumers.

New pricing plan for genotyping services from April 2022

Over the last year, global supply chains and service providers have been affected by rising inflation, costs and challenges. Genotyping services and inputs in particular are affected by rising demand due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB) has been proactive in maintaining the availability and quality of our brokered genotyping services throughout ongoing challenges. For 2022, there will be a small cost increase to our partners as a result of the higher prices charged by our trusted service partners.

2021 was the year of collaboration in breeding informatics

In March 2021, a new network of specialists, the Breeding Informatics Network (BrIN) was established to standardize and modernize breeding data storage, access, curation, analysis, visualization, and decision support. The ultimate goal of BrIN is to improve quality and efficiency in delivering improved varieties to farmers. On December 15, 2021, BrIN celebrated their 2021 successes, and recognized key contributors around the globe.

National breeding institutes deliver initial program costing at in-person training course

A new costing tool is helping national breeding programs get the financial data needed to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. And now, in its first in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic, CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB) has prepped six African National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems (NARES) to fully cost their programs.