Data Management System Global User Support (GUS)

Breeding Resources Initiative has established a comprehensive global user support network known as “GUS”, to facilitate the use of breeding data management systems within CGIAR.

GUS is staffed by a dedicated team of data management experts who offer support to CGIAR, partner Centers, and NARES users. Their primary goal is to facilitate the adoption and utilization of the software tools and devices supported by CGIAR’s new Breeding Information Management and Technology (BIMT) team.

Gus provides 24/7 help through a single unit and CGIAR-wide shared resources. It provides support for Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) adoption but also to Breeding Management System (BMS) users transitioning to EBS and who, until the end of 2023, are funded by Excellence in Breeding (EiB).

For a complete presentation of the network, read our news story. To meet GUS, click the card below.