Welcome to the CGIAR portal for breeding services

A faster and easier way to order and track key services

A Service Request Portal is now available to make it easier for users to request and track a large range of CGIAR breeding support services. This portal speeds up submissions and reduces human error. It is accessible to both CGIAR staff and partners, including NARES.

It is your one-stop shop for requesting Breeding and Research Services' (BRS) wide range of services. We want to emphasize that all breeding service and support requests should now be processed exclusively through this portal. Please note that your request will not be processed until it is entered into the request portal and a request number is issued. 

Your access request for the available services will need to be reviewed and signed off by the team managing each service. You will have the option to sign up for one or more services when registering for the first time.

This helps the Breeding Resources team process the requests more efficiently, on a first-asked-first-served basis, considering the high volume of requests received.


CGIAR breeding support services currently available in the portal:

  • Genotyping Analysis: Low-cost DArTag and LDSG analysis services.
  • Elemental Analysis: Low-cost nutritional analysis services for zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), chromium (Cr), and titanium (Ti).
  • Operational Services: Technical support area for CGIAR team members to submit requests in a variety of areas.
  • And more to come!
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Tutorial video - how to use the Service Request Portal