Archetype for implementing Rapid Cycle Genomic Selection (RCGS) in CGIAR-NARES-SME breeding network pipelines

The rapid cycle genomic selection (RCGS) archetype, developed by Accelerated Breeding Initiative’s ACCELERATE Work Package, seeks to enable selection and recycling of new parents as fast as possible – preferably two-to-three-year cycles, using data that is accurately representing the target population of environments (TPE) in which the future potential varieties will grow.

This approach guarantees the ongoing enhancement of breeding populations, ensuring the consistent availability of high-value alleles and haplotypes. These genetic traits are essential for adapting to both biotic and abiotic stresses. Additionally, it ensures the selection of high-value parents, laying the groundwork for the identification and release of superior products as new varieties.

This archetype explains how to:

  • Articulate a value proposition for working as a breeding network to CGIAR-NARES-SME partners.
  • Provide clear steps on how to redesign existing pipelines to optimally implement a rapid cycle genomic selection scheme, with example breeding schemes in pure line crops, roots, tubers and bananas (RTB), and hybrid crops.
  • Identify the support and services needed by the CGIAR-NARES-SME breeding networks to implement this archetype.
Rapid cycle genomic selection (RCGS) archetype
This manual seeks to enable selection and recycling of new parents as fast as possible