Gender inclusion checklist for breeding operations on farm stations

Gender inclusion must be supported at all levels within an organization. This checklist will help you acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s gender inclusion initiatives and measures.

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Improvements are generally on five key Action Areas:

  • Work organization: This area defines and provides solutions on how work is designed, organized, and managed within your organization.
  • Improvement of work equipment: This area explores the improvement of machinery, tools, or apparatuses to enhance your organization’s work performance.
  • Improvement of infrastructures: Making facilities inclusive is a step towards ensuring equity for all your staff members.
  • Capacity development: Through trainings and workshops, capacity development allows your staff to undergo a process of change that benefits them and your institution long-term. 
  • Compliance: Procedures must be in place to ensure that your employees adhere to rules and guidelines.

If you have a new gender inclusion initiative, think about its scalability within your organization. This checklist includes an action scale assessment system to ensure gender inclusion initiatives are implemented on the organizational and farm station levels. 

This tool was developed by Martina Cavicchioli, a Gender Scientist at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), with the support of the EiB Communication and Breeding Operation Network for Development (BOND) teams. Information was derived from gender inclusion sessions in the EiB 2022 West Africa and East and Southern Africa Breeding Operations Workshops.

Gender Inclusion Checklist: An Assessment Tool for Breeding Operations Farm Stations
This checklist is for crop breeding organizations and farm station management staff to help assess and improve gender inclusion in their workplace.
Martina Cavicchioli