KASP low density genotyping Platform

A DNA-based molecular marker is a genomic DNA (gDNA) fragment located within a genome at a specific position that may or may not be linked to a specific trait of agricultural interest. Trait linked DNA based markers allow us to easily screen breeding materials for favorable alleles associated with traits of interest.

The EiB low-density genotyping service is based on KASP markers. Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) is a simplified fluorescence-based methodology to genotype specific polymorphisms or INDELS. This approach is cost effective and offers rapid turnaround for low-density marker applications (between 1 and 200 markers), with applications including specific trait screening, quality control and marker assisted selection (MAS). 

The markers available for use in low-density genotyping can be consulted below. This list is continuously updated and improved: kindly remember to revise the list of markers and consult with EiB genotyping services when planning for genotyping, especially new users.