Module 4 events

Operational Excellence Webinar: Process mapping and Lean farming in Nigeria

This webinar is one of our monthly Operational Excellence Webinars to support and promote a continuous improvement culture. The webinar begins with a quick review of some behaviors that exist in a continuous improvement culture. Kehinde will lead a session on process mapping that will feature the value stream map.Ben Hartman (Clay Bottom Farms), Chyka Okarter (USAID Nigeria FtF Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services Activity) and Jean-Pierre Rousseau (Winrock International) will present their work in creating Lean farms in Nigeria.

East & Southern Africa breeding operations workshop

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Operational leaders from breeding programs in the East Africa region will discuss progress and strategies on improving breeding operations within the regional scope. This is part of EiB’s Breeding Operations Network for Development (BOND) ongoing support for breeding operations teams. In shared sessions with breeders in EiB’s breeding scheme design workshop we will discuss challenges and strategies for improvement.

West Africa breeding operations workshop

Location: IITA headquarters at Ibadan, Nigeria

In this workshop, EiB staff meet operational leads and breeders in the West Africa region to discuss progress to improve regional breeding operations, challenges ahead and improvements needed. 

The main objective of this workshop is to align ongoing initiatives and identify how to sustain the operations at each station. The goal is to compare these initiatives with demand and develop an action plan by station. Critical components such as station sustainability and gender will also be covered.