CGIAR Genetic Innovation (GI) Toolbox

The GI Toolbox features user-validated tools, services, best practices, and learning materials developed or curated by the CGIAR Genetic Innovation Science Group (previously via EiB), for the improvement of breeding programs, seed systems, and the safeguarding of genetic resources.

Guidance, intelligence and tools for ensuring breeding program strategies and investments support development of market-demanded, gender-responsive, climate-resilient varieties.
Know-how and software tools to maximize the genetic gain and productivity achieved per dollar invested in breeding pipelines through continuously improving subprocesses that make up each breeding scheme.
Genotyping and sequencing services, combined with support and training, to accelerate the rate at which new varieties can be developed. These include details for using low- and mid-density genotyping services.
Tools, guides, best practices and training to create a culture of continuous improvement in breeding programs, enabling effective mechanization, automation and adoption of precision and high-throughput phenotyping tools.
Integrated data and bioinformatics tools to manage and convert data created via advanced phenotypic and genotypic technologies.
Resources to help build innovative seed systems for delivering climate-resilient, market-preferred, and nutritious varieties to farmers, agri-business and consumers
Resources to help CGIAR and partners conserve plant genetic resources vital for the development of climate-adapted crops and resilient food systems.