User-validated tools, services, best practices, and learning materials developed or curated by EiB, for the improvement of breeding program performance.

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Product design and management provides overall guidance to the work of the platform by establishing new breeding program strategies and investments that support breeders in their goal of reducing poverty among farmers of the diverse commodities grown in the developing world.
To maximize the genetic gain and productivity achieved per dollar invested in breeding pipelines, it is necessary to continuously improve the various subprocesses that make up each breeding scheme. The goal of this toolbox is to share know-how and software tools for breeding scheme optimization with the breeding community.
Access to faster and cheaper genotyping and sequencing services, combined with support and training, have the potential to accelerate the rate at which new varieties can be developed. The genotyping / sequencing toolbox provides all the details needed to make use of the EiB low- and mid-density genotyping services.
Tools, guides, best practices and training to create a culture of continuous improvement in breeding programs, enabling effective mechanization, automation and adoption of precision and high-throughput phenotyping tools.
A modern breeding program with advanced phenotyping and genotyping technologies has the potential to create vast amounts of data. Integrated data and bioinformatics tools are needed to manage and convert this data into valuable information in a time-sensitive manner.