User-validated tools, services, best practices, and learning materials developed or curated by EiB, for the improvement of breeding program performance.

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GitLab repositorium for AlphaSimR, an app for addressing multiple simulation questions for designing breeding programs.
Chris Gaynor, Thanasis Vogogias, Christian Werner, Dorcus Gemenet, Marlee Labroo, G. Eduardo Covarrubias-Pazaran
A tool for selection using indices.
Brian Kinghorn
A tool to perform multi-environment trial analysis.
Johan Aparicio, Salvador Gezan
Open-source breeding informatics software developed to cover all stages of the breeding process.
CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform
This manual, provides detailed protocols for screening rice under the major stresses affecting both rainfed and irrigated rice: submergence, salinity, drought, and the soil problems – excess iron and aluminum.
International Rice Research Institute
Genotyping panel containing 2,602 high minor allele frequency (MAF) SNP markers distributed evenly throughout 11 cowpea chromosomes. Suitable for marker-assisted breeding, diversity analyses and germplasm management applications.
EiB genotyping services
Marker panel with 2,417 SNP markers distributed across the 21 bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) chromosomes. Suitable for for diversity studies and genomic selection.
EiB genotyping services
Marker panel containing 2,147 SNP markers and an average density of 2-3 SNP/cM on all 12 potato chromosomes. Suitable for potato genomic selection and diversity studies.
EiB genotyping services