Basics of Genomic Selection 9. Computational Aspects and Implementation

Other | 29/9/2021

Abhishek Rathore (ICRISAT) presents the current state of tools for data management and genomic prediction available at ICRISAT and national programs in India. Abhishek presents a path to the proper implementation of data management tools that ensures the successful deployment of GS in breeding programs. Case examples of crops adopting these systems and their current state are also presented.

Genomic Selection 7. Genetic Variance and Logistics

Other | 29/9/2021

Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran presents how to implement genomic prediction to properly manage genetic variance. The logistical challenges that will be faced during adoption are then discussed, along with a summary of the different uses of genomic selection (GS).

Genomic Selection 6. The CIMMYT Maize Breeding Program

Other | 29/9/2021

Yoseph Beyene presents the current state of genomic prediction application in the CIMMYT maize breeding program in East Africa. Yoseph presents the use of GS to increase accuracy and change selection intensity in the maize program and discusses the challenges of implementation in an ongoing breeding program.

Basics of Genomic Selection 5. Mid-density Genotyping

Other | 29/9/2021

Eng Hwa Ng and Rajaguru Bohar present the current genotyping shared services available from EiB to enable low, mid and high-density genotyping for the application in genomic selection.

Basics of Genomic Selection 4. Selection Intensity and Cycle Time

Other | 29/9/2021

Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran presents how to implement genomic prediction to change selection intensity. Additionally, Covarrubias-Pazaran presents how to implement genomic prediction to reduce cycle time.

Basics of Genomic Selection 3. Dealing with Accuracy

Other | 29/9/2021

Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran presents how to implement genomic prediction to increase the accuracy of field trials by using a genomic relationship matrix to predict haplotypes and individuals. This is especially useful when heritabilities in field trials are low.

Basics of Genomic Selection 2. Basics of Genomic Selection

Other | 29/9/2021

This session is focused on the basics of what genomic prediction implies in terms of data and models and applications. Common questions raised by CGIAR programs during interactions with the EiB platform are also covered.

Basics of Genomic Selection 1. Introduction

Other | 29/9/2021

Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran (EiB) presents the genomic prediction workshop and outlines the topics to be covered and guest speakers.

Bayer’s field testing & phenotyping / HSE in Africa

Webinar recording | 15/7/2021

CGIAR Excellence in Breeding’s BOND and Bayer Crop Science look at Bayer’s principles and practices on two key breeding operations issues: Field testing and phenotyping contributions to breeding programs, and Health, safety, & environment (HSE) at Bayer breeding programs in Africa.

BOND Launch + Webinar: IITA Breeding Operations / Bayer Seed Processing

Webinar recording | 16/6/2021

Breeding operations teams are vital for ensuring programs deliver the varieties needed by smallholder farmers. There are many good practices being adopted; it's time to share and collaborate.