Bayer’s field testing & phenotyping / HSE in Africa

CGIAR Excellence in Breeding’s BOND and Bayer Crop Science look at Bayer’s principles and practices on two key breeding operations issues:

Field testing and phenotyping contributions to breeding programs

Experts from Bayer Crop Science’s Africa Phenotyping Leadership Team provide a conceptual overview of phenotyping. The team will introduce Bayer’s global phenotyping organization and discuss critical concepts, approaches, and best practices associated with field testing and data management.

Presented by: Bayer Crop Science’s Sanesh Ramburan and Jamlick Mwathi

Presentation (PDF)

Health, safety, & environment (HSE) at Bayer breeding programs in Africa

Experts from Bayer outline the importance of HSE, and describe the benefits and impacts of HSE principles and practices at Bayer’s breeding programs in Africa.

Presented by: Bayer Crop Science’s Saheera Haniff and Kerry Lainis.

Presentation (PDF)