Breeding Resources Initiative Townhall: Nov. 2022

Webinar recording | 10/11/2022

This virtual event aims to build understanding, demonstrate what we are delivering, and take questions and feedback

Operational Excellence: Standard Work and Plan-do-Study-Act

Webinar recording | 26/7/2022

Having a standard process for performing the work you do is essential to providing quality products and services to your customers. Documenting the current best-known way of doing the work ensures consistency. In this month’s Operational Excellence Webinar, learn about standard work and how to document it.

The potato breeding program at Zamarte, Poland

Webinar recording | 11/7/2022

In this webinar, learn how a staff of eight breeders works to achieve the quantitative and qualitative goals of the Zamarte potato breeding program, Poland, with the opportunity to discuss the lessons and techniques that are applicable to CGIAR and NARS breeding programs.

Breeding Operations Workshops: West Africa EiB-IITA 2022

Other | 25/5/2022

In this five-day workshop video series, EiB's Breeding Operations Network for Development (BOND) and IITA facilitated operational leads and breeders in the West Africa region to build knowledge, and discuss progress to improve regional breeding operations.

Operational Excellence Webinar: Process mapping and Lean farming in Nigeria

Webinar recording | 17/5/2022

This webinar is one of our monthly Operational Excellence Webinars to support and promote a continuous improvement culture. The webinar begins with a quick review of some behaviors that exist in a continuous improvement culture. Kehinde will lead a session on process mapping that will feature the value stream map.Ben Hartman (Clay Bottom Farms), Chyka Okarter (USAID Nigeria FtF Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services Activity) and Jean-Pierre Rousseau (Winrock International) will present their work in creating Lean farms in Nigeria.

EiB/Corteva Webinar: Health, Safety & the Environment

Webinar recording | 17/5/2022

As part of the BOND network, we explored Corteva's approach to embedding culture and practices of sound health and safety, followed by IITA's operational health and safety practices.

Breeding scheme design using quantitative genetics: 10 session course

Webinar recording | 3/5/2022

This training is a professional development course designed by the Excellence in Breeding (EiB) Platform to increase the skillset of plant breeders to design breeding schemes.

Operational Excellence: Root cause analysis and the 5 Whys method

Webinar recording | 8/4/2022

This EiB webinar aims to teach methods to get to the root cause of the issues you face in the workplace, and learn about how they have been put into practice in the Crop Health Improvement project at the International Rice Research Institute.

Breeding Informatics Network: Team progress in 2021

Other | 9/1/2022

The Breeding Informatics Network (BrIN) convenes four teams of experts from across CGIAR breeding programs to assess the current state and requirements for analytics processes in the areas of genetic gains and experiment design, advancement decisions, genomic selection applications and marker-assisted breeding. During the BrIN end-of-year celebration, 35 participants connected from around the globe to share their progress and successes in 2021, reflect on their impacts and recommend action plans for 2022.

EiB Webinar: Operational logistics in a hybrid potato breeding company

Webinar recording | 16/12/2021

This webinar is part of the BOND (Breeding Operations Network for Development) program to develop the operational capacity at CGIAR/NARES breeding programs. This session presents how a hybrid potato breeding company manages the logistics such as moving materials, organizing trials, quality assurance, and more.