Breeding scheme design using quantitative genetics: 10 session course

This training is a professional development course designed by the Excellence in Breeding (EiB) Platform to increase the skillset of plant breeders to design breeding schemes. Across the public and private sector there is a gap on how to design breeding schemes and instead breeding schemes are normally inherited from one breeder to the other. EiB’s Module 2 and collaborators from seed industry have addressed this issue by developing and making this training available. 

Course objectives: This course develops the skills and abilities of breeding personnel to enable them to independently design their breeding scheme to achieve the maximum genetic gains. The course will help participants understand or be able to do the following:

  • Define market segments, product profiles
  • Decide how to design the different crossing, evaluation, and selection decisions
  • Refresh quantitative genetics concepts
  • Manage tools to manage their breeding pipelines

Access the full 10-session training course recorded in April 2022 at CIMMYT HQ on our Youtube playlist:

And you can watch the videos here: