Costing of breeding programs: Results and perspectives from NARES Rice Programs

Webinar recording | 22/11/2020

In this Story of Excellence, Busiso Olga Mavankeni (DR&SS), Ronika Mukaro (DR&SS), Lubasi Sinyinda (ZARI) and Samson Ojok (NARO) discuss how they quantified the cost of their breeding operations using the University of Queensland tool, and how this data supports planning, optimization and improved cost control.

Webinar: Enhancing and measuring Genetic Gain in crop breeding

Webinar recording | 19/11/2020

Driving Genetic Gain through selection is at the core of every successful plant breeding program. In this webinar targeting national breeding programs in Africa, EiB will explain the concepts behind genetic gain; introduce tools and approaches to measure genetic gain; provide real examples from a national program in East Africa.

Optimization of the KALRO Highland Maize Program (Story of Excellence)

Webinar recording | 11/11/2020

In this Story of Excellence, presented at the EiB Virtual Meeting 2020, Dickson Ligeyo discusses improvements in demand-driven breeding, costing, data management, genetic gains assessment and digitization.

Partner perspectives (EiB Virtual Meeting 2020)

Webinar recording | 11/11/2020

In the closing plenary of the Virtual Meeting 2020, Joyce Malinga (KALRO), Hugo Campos (CIP), Nora Lapitan (USAID) and Gary Atlin (Gates Foundation) provide their thoughts as key stakeholders in EiB and the modernization of CGIAR-NARS breeding networks.

One CGIAR (EiB Virtual Annual Meeting 2020)

Webinar recording | 11/11/2020

CGIAR breeding programs are embarking on an important transition to a more integrated global breeding network that supports farmers to meet the challenges of this century. In this address to the EiB Virtual Annual Meeting 2020, Michael Quinn describes how EiB will support this transition.

Nextgen cassava: Actionable breeding targets that meet diversity and demand

Webinar recording | 10/11/2020

Customer profiles are the missing piece needed to guide the development of improved varieties for different markets. In this Story of Excellence, Hale Ann Tufan (Cornell University) discusses the achievements and challenges to collect, combine and put into action new sources of information about smallholder farmers in collaboration with NextGen Cassava, the Gender in Breeding Initiative and EiB.

Shared services (EiB Virtual Meeting 2020)

Webinar recording | 10/11/2020

In this video, EiB's Gustavo Teixeira, Liz Jones and Eduardo Covarrubias describe plans for shared services to level up and streamline breeding activities across CGIAR and national agricultural research systems.

Opening plenary (Asia) EiB Virtual Meeting 2020

Webinar recording | 9/11/2020

First opening plenary of Sharing Excellence: EiB Virtual Meeting 2020. Watch Platform Director Michael Quinn for a program overview, reflection on our breeding program improvement mandate, and discussion.

New cooking bananas for smallholder farmers in Tanzania (EiB Story of Excellence/IITA)

Webinar recording | 9/11/2020

In this Story of Excellence, Rony Swennen talks about the challenges - breeding, organizational and technological overcome over the last five years to breed for this notoriously challenging crop.

Towards a suitable rice variety for Ghana's irrigated and rainfed lowlands (EiB Story of Excellence)

Webinar recording | 9/11/2020

Ghana organization CSIR are undertaking significant changes in their breeding pipelines. There is now available a developed product pipeline/profile for investment to develop a suitable rice variety for the lowlands of Ghana.