Basics of Genomic Selection 1. Introduction

Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran (EiB) presents the genomic prediction workshop and outlines the topics to be covered and guest speakers.

About this training:

Genomic selection/prediction is becoming an important tool to maximize genetic gain in breeding programs. The method provides multiple ways to improve different aspects of the breeder's equation. In this training, the basics of genomic selection are explained and the different scenarios where the methodology can be used are presented. Experts from the CGIAR system including CIMMYT, IRRI, and ICRISAT present case examples on the proper deployment of GS in running programs.

Recorded during the workshop "Basics of Genomic Selection: Towards increasing selection accuracy, selection intensity and reducing cycle time in self and cross-pollinated crops," 9-11 August 2021. Organized and coordinated by Sanjay Katiyar, EiB ICAR project coordinator.