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Past events

EiB & Corteva mini-symposium: Lessons learned from the centralization of breeding operations

August 3, 2021

Join us as the Corteva team presents concepts of centralized operations, with seed production as an example, in the context of their current breeding structure including benefits, opportunities and challenges they faced to in implementation. After Corteva's presentations EiB team will coordinate a panel and breakout sessions promoting open discussions among key CGIAR leaders on the implications of centralization, and how to apply the learning from industry in the context of OneCGIAR.

EiB Webinar: Bayer’s field testing & phenotyping / HSE in Africa

July 14, 2021

Join CGIAR Excellence in Breeding’s BOND and Bayer Crop Science for a look at Bayer’s principles and practices on two key breeding operations issues: field testing and phenotyping contributions to breeding programs, and Health, safety, & environment (HSE) at Bayer breeding programs in Africa.

BOND Launch + Webinar: IITA Breeding Operations / Bayer Seed Processing

June 9, 2021

Breeding operations teams are vital for ensuring programs deliver the varieties needed by smallholder farmers. There are many good practices being adopted; it's time to share and collaborate. Join CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB) for the launch of BOND.

Applied Climate Research in Africa Session: Translating molecular breeding into market oriented genetic gain

June 9, 2021

This meeting “Applied Climate Research in Africa” aims at showcasing examples of scientific actions undertaken in Africa to adapt agricultural systems to the climate-related challenges.

Webinar: Costing for breeding programs

May 12, 2021

How can breeding programs estimate the costs of breeding and its associated research activities? How can breeders make better decisions about resource allocation? Join us as we unpack and explore the UQ Breeding Costing Tool, a powerful solution for breeders and breeding managers.

Decision making in a commercial breeding program - BrIN Learning Series

May 6, 2021

An expert presentation and discussion on how Bayer increased data fluency and analytics to make better decisions. What did they learn and what changes were adopted over the last 10 years? Join Bayer, Cornell, EiB and partners for an examination of how over the years of testing, Bayer has aimed to get increasing confidence for performance in farmers’ fields and conditions.

Low Density SNP Genotyping Services: An EiB Launch Event

March 16, 2021

Join CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB) for the official launch of the EiB LDSG shared service. At this important milestone, we take a moment to recap, share improvement ideas, and hear perspectives from donors, vendors and other partners.

Transforming Wheat Breeding Through Integrated Data Management with GOBii and Analysis in Flapjack

February 16, 2021 to February 18, 2021

GOBii has developed open-source genotype data management and marker- and genomic-assisted breeding tools and are working on integrating these with adjacent data management systems and tools. Through this collaboration, two workshops will be hosted in February 2021. Both workshops will focus on GOBii data management and data analysis in Flapjack (marker-assisted backcrossing, pedigree verification and forward breeding) developed in collaboration with the James Hutton Institute), and Galaxy (Genomic Selection).

EiB Webinar: ViTSel, the Visualization Tool for Selection

November 23, 2020

ViTSel supports selection in breeding by visualizing results of multi-environmental, multi-trait analysis. Join us for a demo of the tool's features and discussion of its use.

Webinar: Enhancing and measuring Genetic Gain in crop breeding

November 19, 2020

Driving Genetic Gain through selection is at the core of every successful plant breeding program. In this webinar targeting national breeding programs in Africa, EiB will explain the concepts behind genetic gain; introduce tools and approaches to measure genetic gain; provide real examples from a national program in East Africa.