EiB Annual Meeting Day 2

6 November 2019


EiB's role in supporting change

We all recognize the need for continuous improvement, but how can we make the big changes we have identified, and what is the role of EiB in bringing this about? The EiB team will present and take questions on our role and activities for the next year.

Michael Quinn - EiB's role in supporting change (pdf)

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Experience: Implementing the vision for CGIAR breeding

Over the last year, EiB has been working closely with individual breeding programs to provide consultation and identify opportunities for improvement and modernization. Jan Debaene and B.M. Prasanna will recall experiences of progress in achieving the common vision.

Jan Debaene - Modernising ICRISAT Crop Improvement Through the Support of AVISA (pdf)


Open session: Identifying practical solutions

This is an open participation session in which the goal is for you to help us to identify the barriers that you see to bringing this vision to reality for your situation. Tell us in what ways EiB can strategically consider your specific needs and help you coordinate your changes with other programs. 

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Group photo & Coffee

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Sponsoring, coaching & implementing change

Achieving the common vision for change will take more than making decisions or providing resources: leaders will need to act as role models, support staff through each step and create the conditions for change to be possible.

Jonathan Shaver - Sponsoring, coaching & implementing change (pdf)

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Experience: Learning from change

Change is still hard: barriers both expected and unexpected will be faced, and adjustments may have to be made on the way. Leon Broers (KWS) and Geoff Graham (Corteva) will share learning from their experiences.

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Introduction: Implementing change

From this point on, we will roll up our sleeves and talk about the practical ways we can implement change. Just as when driving change, active participation of leadership in these sessions is required! The EiB team will present on the key concepts and features that can be implemented in order to enable modernization.

Change in action (pdf)

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Deep dive: Advancement meetings

Using the topic of an annual advancement meeting as an example, we will conduct a role-playing session in which participants will break into group and act out different roles and stages in a product advancement meeting, using metrics and examples to show how a cross-functional team determines which breeding program products move forward.

Once the role-playing session is completed, participants will break into groups to come with answers to practical questions about how an advancement meeting can be set up.

Supporting materials:

Role-play exercise materials

Introduction to RACI (pdf)

Introduction to advancement meetings (pdf)

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Working groups: Advancement meetings

Continuation of the previous exercise.

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