Advancement meeting role-playing exercise

Materials to demonstrate role specialization, responsibilities and metrics-based decision-making in a client-oriented product management process.


An advancement meeting ties together the different stages in a breeding process.

One of several meetings that should take place in the year, the advancement meeting is where data is considered and decisions made at the top level. 

These materials are designed to be used as part as a role-playing exercise to demonstrate to participants how an advancement meeting should be set up, the importance of role specialization and the responsibilities of different members of the breeding and management team. 



  • Population improvement and variety development decisions are made based on the data
  • Cross-functional input is ensured, from market-facing metrics and technical breeding metrics
  • Assess current breeding program performance and define goals for the next year
  • Identify products to be released and delivery/marketing strategy
Introduction to advancement meetings
A poster describing what an advancement meeting is, its objectives and the roles & responsibilities of staff and management
George Kotch, Eduardo Covarrubias, Sam Storr
Introduction to RACI
Poster describing the concept of RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) as applied to an advancement meeting.
George Kotch, Eduardo Covarrubias, Sam Storr
Crop advancement meeting roleplay
Presentation describing the data and decisions facing different role-players in a product advancement process.
George Kotch, Eduardo Covarrubias