EiB Annual Meeting Day 1

5 November 2019


Welcome: A vision for CGIAR breeding

Following a welcome address, Marco Ferroni (CGIAR) will set the context for the needs and requirements of change in CGIAR breeding programs. Michael Quinn (EiB) will then share a high-level vision for the modernization of breeding based on the previous year of direct collaboration with CGIAR, NARS and private sector breeding programs.

Michael Quinn - Vision for CGIAR breeding (presentation - pdf)

Vision for CGIAR breeding (handout - pdf)

Poster: Components of a world-class breeding program (pdf)

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Funders' feedback

Nora Lapitan (USAID) will present on the support provided by Crops to End Hunger (CtEH), before joining Gary Atlin, Jeff Ehlers and Jim Lorenzen (Gates Foundation), and Michel Bernhardt (GIZ) for a panel session highlighting the dialogue that has taken place between EiB and Funders. 

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Survey of participants

In a quick interactive survey (have an internet-connected device ready), we will gauge participants' reactions to the vision of change presented and how it fits into their breeding programs and the CGIAR system.

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Open session: Defining the way forward

Question and answer session to gather feedback on the vision for CGIAR breeding. The objective is to work towards clarity and a common understanding of the goal for modernization. 

Worksheet: Clarity of the EiB vision

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Recap: Defining the way forward

Based on the previous discussion and feedback submitted online, the EiB team will return a summary of what we heard, and reflect on how the vision for CGIAR breeding can be refined for better communication with your own teams.

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National breeding program feedback

Building on the feedback and opportunities outlined by breeding program leaders, national agricultural research program leaders present will join Biswanath Das (EiB) in discussing opportunities for collaboration and modernization in NARS breeding programs.

Felister Makini - EiB/KALRO engagement

Yona Baguma & Godfrey Asea - NARO breeding program status and modernization priorities

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Private sector feedback

A panel session of representatives from private industry will provide deeper insight into the changes, challenges and opportunities identified for CGIAR and NARS breeding programs. Panel participants: Geoff Graham & Tom Sauber (Corteva), Monica Menz (Syngenta), Stella Salvo & Pierre Sehabiague (Bayer), Leon Broers (KWS).

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Feedback from BPAT

Chris Lambrides (BPAT leader, University of Queensland) will share his thoughts on the vision, and how they can partner with you to track progress it.

Christopher Lambrides - Breeding Program Assessment Tool: Maximizing genetic gain

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Experience: Stories of change

Changes in the private sector are both often and large. Monica Menz (Syngenta) will discuss why changes are embarked on, and the differences between those who are successful and those who are not.

Monica Menz - Change, personal reflections

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Reflection session alongside the private sector panel

This is the second open participation session of the day. After hearing several presentations on the subject of how to create change, this is an opportunity to discuss the role of leadership in bringing about change in your own breeding programs, as well as ask specific questions to the speakers.

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Social session: Funders' forum

An opportunity to hear from and ask questions of Funder representatives present at the meeting in an informal setting accompanied by refreshments. The focus will be on how funders have influenced the vision and how funding will drive the strategic implementation of changes that must take place to achieve the vision.

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