Module 5 events

Enterprise Breeding System DevOps hackathon

Location: CIMMYT HQ


To speed up the development of improved crop varieties, modern breeding programs rely on a mastery of huge volumes of data throughout a complex breeding pipeline.

Genomic prediction tools combine with high-throughput field trial data to make breeding more predictable, and therefore more effective.

While there are many solutions available to manage parts of this data, there are none that can integrate data across the entire workflow.

EiB Plaform Module 5 Roadmap meeting in Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain


Module 5 Vision: All CGIAR breeding data is curated, stored in appropriate databases, and analyzed using best practices

Definition of a functional interoperable system (Minimum Viable Implementation):

Within in a breeding program, relevant data can be queried and merged using only meta data/ids stored in the databases adopted by that program

Meeting purpose

1. Define the subgrant management process