EiB Plaform Module 5 Roadmap meeting in Madrid

February 19, 2019 to February 20, 2019

Location: Madrid, Spain


Module 5 Vision: All CGIAR breeding data is curated, stored in appropriate databases, and analyzed using best practices

Definition of a functional interoperable system (Minimum Viable Implementation):

Within in a breeding program, relevant data can be queried and merged using only meta data/ids stored in the databases adopted by that program

Meeting purpose

1. Define the subgrant management process

  • In 2019 Several large BMGF funded software development projects will become sub-grants of EiB.
  • This meeting should provide technical guidance on required standards and technical reviews of software

2. Support the draft of supplemental grants

  • Technical recommendations on deployment and integration of systems needed to define strategy and roadmap
  • Define resource gaps to be filled by supplemental gap

3. Improve definition of the scope of Module 5

  • What are the technical implications of expanding the scope of EiB M5?


  • A white paper clearly describing our approach to achieving the M5 vision.
  • A set of standards for software code, documentation and deployment

Agenda and objectives

Full meeting objectives and proposed agenda attached.


Short description: 
A meeting was held to define the Module 5 subgrant management process, support the draft of supplemental grants and improve definition of module scope.