Enterprise Breeding System DevOps hackathon

October 21, 2019 to November 1, 2019

Location: CIMMYT HQ


To speed up the development of improved crop varieties, modern breeding programs rely on a mastery of huge volumes of data throughout a complex breeding pipeline.

Genomic prediction tools combine with high-throughput field trial data to make breeding more predictable, and therefore more effective.

While there are many solutions available to manage parts of this data, there are none that can integrate data across the entire workflow.

To address this gap, the EiB is developing the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) as a single software solution for the modernization of CGIAR and NARS breeding programs.

From October 21 to November 1, the EBS Devops team based at CIMMYT is hosting a hackathon to advance the development of core functionalities.

The first phase of EBS development is already underway, and the software will be validated first with select breeding teams from CIMMYT and IRRI.

Advanced functions will be tested with additional maize, wheat and rice breeding programs in 2020-2021, and expansion to other crops and breeding programs will begin in 2021.