EiB Webinar: Breeding Insight: Creating breeder-centric software & integrated data management solutions

September 28, 2020

Webinar, Sept 28, 2020

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For: Crop breeders, data experts

The topic: Specialty crop and animal breeding have lagged behind major crops and animal breeding (e.g, maize, cattle) in genomics and phenomics tool use. Sometimes this is due to crop biology, but more often to size and availability of or access to resources. Breeding Insight (BI) acts as a conduit of information, support, and resources to enable genomic insight and selection across all of the USDA-ARS public breeding efforts.  

The agenda: We will discuss some of these challenges, and the model BI is using to elevate these programs rapidly with genomic resources, phenomic assistance, and improved data management solutions that are breeder-focused to aid technology adoption.

Date and time: Monday, Sept 28 2020. 10-11a.m. EDT / 4-5p.m. CEST

Presenter: Moira Sheehan,, Director of Breeding Insight, Cornell University

See: Breeding InsightBreeding Insight is funded by the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) through Cornell University.