Low-density genotyping service

Low-cost access to world class genotyping services for CGIAR and partner breeding centers working on the majority of CGIAR mandate crops.

The EiB low-density genotyping service (formerly the High Throughput Genotyping Project [HTPG]) is a shared KASPTM genotyping platform serving all CGIAR centers and their partner programs.

We work with global-level service providers with ISO certified labs to ensure that the CGIAR and NARS community has access to the high-quality data return crucial to timely decision-making. This approach puts genotyping quality and cost on par with many elite private sector companies at around US $1-5 per sample with 10+ markers, significantly cheaper than in-house solutions.

The low-density genotyping service is recommended as cost-effective up to 200 markers, and is offered alongside the mid-density service. A guide to both services and how to get started is available here.

As a first step, get in touch with EiB to determine which service works best for your use case, and other support such as training that may be required: CIMMYT-EiB-Genotyping@CGIAR.org

An updated list of available KASP markers is maintained on the EiB Genotyping / sequencing tools & services page.