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Funding for the Excellence in Breeding Platform comes from CGIAR and generous donors including national governments, foundations, development banks and other public and private agencies.













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EiB works with and creates benefits for, four different stakeholder groups: Users, Contributors and Members, in addition to Funders of our work that will benefit from the transparency of information created by the Platform.

  • Users are able to access Platform know-how from the Toolbox.
  • Contributors provide tools, practices, services and advice that optimize breeding program performance.
  • Members are breeding teams that commit to work with EiB to optimize breeding program performance.

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Who is the Platform for?

The Platform welcomes members and contributors from CGIAR centers, national agricultural research systems, advanced research centers and the private sector.

While the users of tools and services provided by the platform are breeders of crops and livestock for farmers in the developing world, the Platform also welcomes contributors from the international private sector.

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