Operations and phenotyping assessment template

Formats to assess status, targets and identify action items.

Detailed assessment and planning is required for breeding programs to continuously improve phenotyping operations. These templates have been created to assess and act on potential improvements in the following areas, each of which are further divided into sub-categories:

  • Agronomic practices
  • Planting and harvest
  • Phenotyping
  • Seed processing
  • Continuous improvement (including HSE)

The operation and phenotyping assessment template is to be used by breeding programs and operational teams to assess their current status, as well as set targets for their desired future status.

The operation and phenotyping action item template provides a detailed format to break down improvement areas into specific project-related actions items and tasks. Options include adding a RACI matrix, impact scores, anticipated duration of the project, and budget estimates. 

Operation and phenotyping action item template
Spreadsheet to capture action items for trial execution and phenotyping improvement.
Gustavo Teixeira
Operation and phenotyping assessment template
Format for breeding programs and operational teams to capture current status and future targets.
Gustavo Teixeira