The ability to predict and visualize the inheritance of genes that facilitate resistance to pathogens or any other commercially important characteristic is crucially important to experimental plant genetics and commercial plant breeding programmes.

Tools with the ability to integrate different datasets and visualize large pedigree structures will facilitate breeders and researchers to make more informed decisions relating to suitable plant lines to use in subsequent crossings.

Helium is a generic platform in which various data types can be shown in a pedigree context. A beta version will be available soon that users can download and experiment with. We have also modified the Germinate database platform to handle pedigree data in a new format which makes it suitable for inclusion into Helium.

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Helium basic operation
Basic operation of our Helium pedigree visualization tool. This was the video shown at BioVis 2014 where we won the best paper award.
Paul Shaw, James Hutton Institute; Jessie Kennedy and Martin Graham, Edinburgh Napier University.