Breeding scheme design tools and software

A collection of software and tools to design and optimize breeding schemes following a continuous improvement approach.

Breeding Scheme Designer

Breeding Scheme Designer is a GUI tool (based on R-shiny) that will allow breeders and donors to compare different breeding strategies and calculate expected genetic gain given a set of parameters.

Version 1. Excel format.

Version 2. R-shiny format (


 Breeding Scheme Descriptor

Breeding Scheme Descriptor is a GUI tool that allows breeding experts to develop a blueprint of their breeding scheme to be further optimized through continuous improvement methods (e.g., six sigma) and tools (e.g., simulation).

Version 1. Under development


AlphaSimR Simulation Code

AlphaSimR Simulation Code: is a GitLab repositorium with R code addressing multiple simulation questions for designing breeding programs. For example, proper program size, experimental designs, surrogates of genetic merit, reduction of cycle time, among others (this is only accessible to a small number of users based on request. Contact Eduardo Covarrubias for more information at

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Webinar: Breeding scheme design using an R-based tool
Introduction to a user friendly tool used to estimate predicted gain and compare different breeding strategies.
Thanasis Vogogias
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Tutorial: Breeding scheme design in Excel
Introduction to an Excel-based tool used to estimate predicted genetic gain and compare between different breeding strategies.
Eduardo Covarrubias