Operations and phenotyping

Manuals and standard operating procedures developed by EiB and partners to standardize phenotyping practices and use of equipment.

Entries in collection

This manual, provides detailed protocols for screening rice under the major stresses affecting both rainfed and irrigated rice: submergence, salinity, drought, and the soil problems – excess iron and aluminum.
International Rice Research Institute
This standard operating practice provides an introduction and use guide to the aerial platforms, sensors and data tools involved in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) phenotyping applications, with a case study of RGB, multispectral and thermal phenotyping on microplots.
Shawn Carlisle Kefauver, José Luis Araus Ortega, M. Luisa Buchaillot
A standardized protocol for the management of drought stress in field-based phenotyping trials.
PH Zaidi
Describes the development of effective phenotyping systems for various stages of waterlogging stress in maize.
PH Zaidi, MT Vinayan, K Seetharam
Theory, instructions and equipment needed to monitor soil moisture in breeding plots.
Amelia Henry