Management of drought stress in field phenotyping

A standardized protocol for the management of drought stress in field-based phenotyping trials.

In managed drought stress trials, it is critical to achieve the required level of drought at the target crop stage in order to generate high-quality, repeatable trial data.

The three key factors to be taken account are:

  • When to stop irrigation to impose the desired level of drought stress at the targeted crop stage
  • How to track drought progress in the field, in terms of stress severity and uniformity
  • When to resume irrigation to terminate stress and achieve the desired level of drought, in terms of intensity and duration.

This manual presents a standardized, field-based precision phenotyping protocol for the quantitative management of reproductive-stage drought stress in maize. 

The manual covers the various steps involved in managed drought stress field-based precision phenotyping. 

The same principles can by modified for the case of other crops and / or crop stage. 

Management of drought stress in field phenotyping
Manual describing practical drought stress field trial management for maize.
PH Zaidi