Breeding informatics


The ability to predict and visualize the inheritance of genes that facilitate resistance to pathogens or any other commercially important characteristic is crucially important to experimental plant genetics and commercial plant breeding programmes.

Tools with the ability to integrate different datasets and visualize large pedigree structures will facilitate breeders and researchers to make more informed decisions relating to suitable plant lines to use in subsequent crossings.

Kelly Robbins

Bioinformatics, biometrics and data management

Kelly Robbins
Kelly Robbins is a quantitative geneticist whose research focuses on the use of computational science to improve the efficiency of crop breeding programs. Current projects are aimed at developing computational infrastructure and models for applying high throughput technologies, such as Next Generation Sequencing and remote sensing, to genetic improvement of complex traits, increasing understanding of genotype by environmental interactions, and improving genetic gains in crop breeding programs in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia he is currently an Assistant Professor at Cornell University in the School of Integrative Plant Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics Section.