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Data from new Excellence in Breeding report reveals progress on CGIAR’s transformation

A new compilation of data reveals real progress on CGIAR’s crop breeding transformation agenda. CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB)’s first-ever Annual Report focuses on 27 data points showing progress on its mandate to accelerate the modernization of breeding programs. 

Identifying market segments and aligning breeding pipelines will focus CGIAR investments

There is an urgent need for public breeding programs to prioritize and focus their efforts. Excellence in Breeding (EiB) is working with CGIAR partners to identify market segments and align breeding pipelines to them — with the goal of increasing food security and improving livelihoods.

African breeding programs leap forward by accessing new genotyping data

With newly accessible genotyping technologies, African crop breeding programs have partnered with EiB to start using genotyping resources to improve accuracy and efficiency.

As breeders strive for higher-yielding, climate-resilient and nutritious crops, genotyping is intensifying the speed and accuracy of achieving breeding goals. But new technologies have often been out-of-reach for national breeding programs in developing countries.