Breeding scheme design tools and software

Breeding scheme optimization

A collection of software and tools to design and optimize breeding schemes following a continuous improvement approach.

Entries in collection

Linking data management systems to analytics is an important step in breeding digitalization.
Khaled Al-Shamaa
Tool to record and manage breeding schemes, market segments and product profiles.
Giovanny Covarrubias-Pazaran, Zelalem Gebeyehu, Solomon Sirak
GitLab repositorium for AlphaSimR, an app for addressing multiple simulation questions for designing breeding programs.
Chris Gaynor, Thanasis Vogogias, Christian Werner, Dorcus Gemenet, Marlee Labroo, G. Eduardo Covarrubias-Pazaran
A tool for selection using indices.
Brian Kinghorn
A tool to perform multi-environment trial analysis.
Johan Aparicio, Salvador Gezan
Tool to simulate different evaluation strategies.
Gary Atlin and Bethany Fallon-Econopouly . Rshiny version adapted by Thanasis Vogogias and Chris Gaynor from the original version developed by Atlin and Fallon-Econopouly.
A tool to register, manage and analyze the cost of breeding operations. Fixed, variable costs are managed to maximize productivity of breeding programs and allows their optimization.
University of Queensland