Product design and management

As of 2022, this work is delivered primarily through CGIAR Initiatives on Accelerated Breeding, and Market Intelligence.


Product design and management provides overall guidance to the work of the platform by establishing new breeding program strategies and investments that support breeders in their goal of reducing poverty among farmers of the diverse commodities grown in the developing world.


Sustainable transformation of how products are designed, created and managed within public sector breeding network


Improve public sector breeding program impact by working transparently, methodically and professionally to increase rates of variety turnover


  • Increased variety turnover through client-driven product profiles, with cross-functional input.
  • Greater breeding program impact and accountability through the adoption of a stage-gate system and a product development focus.
  • Common understandings of breeding network ways of working based on a common terminology.

Develop performance and impact metrics to enable accountability for breeding program goals.
Expert advice will be provided on product and breeding plan design, tool implementation and dissemination. Components of this advice will be incorporated in a specific breeding scheme review within the optimizing breeding schemes module.