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New portal for gender-responsive agricultural research for development

Partner news | | 2/6/2021

A new portal launched by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) guides how we can develop critical questions and methods for agricultural research that take these gender differences and power dynamics...

Researchers identify optimal strategy to maximize genomic estimated breeding values

Partner news | | 2/3/2021

The ultimate challenge for crop breeders is to increase genetic gain of a crop: literally, to increase the crop’s yield on farmers’ fields. Wheat and maize breeders from the International Maize...

Cues to making crop improvement in Africa gender responsive

Partner news | | 31/1/2021

A cluster of activities are helping make The Accelerated Varietal Improvement and Seed Delivery of Legumes and Cereals in Africa (AVISA) Project’s crop improvement efforts gender-responsive. The activities include: Gender responsiveness in...