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Boosting sweetpotato’s productive potential with hybrid breeding

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 9/5/2023

CIP has worked closely with agricultural research institutions across Africa and Asia on breeding and selection to ensure that more farmers get access to sweetpotato varieties with essential characteristics such as high...

1st East Africa Potato Network Breeders Meeting discuss improving potato breeding in the region

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 8/5/2023

The establishment of the East Africa Potato Breeding Network is expected to facilitate collaboration and communication among potato researchers, enhance the understanding of...

KALRO research station at Kiboko revamped to accelerate crop breeding

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 7/3/2023

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)’s research station at Kiboko, Kenya, where several partner institutions including the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), conduct...

Breeding Program Modernization to Enhance Genetic Gain in Crops

Partner news | | 18/1/2023

IRRI, and CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform ran a three-day training workshop on “Breeding Program Modernization to Enhance Genetic Gain in Crops” aimed to accelerate genetic grain in the diverse crops program in Nepal .

NARES-CGIAR Global Networks adapt Breeding Program Modernization in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Partner news | | 7/12/2022

Breeding Program Modernization was established in an effort to speed-up the modernization of rice breeding programs in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. This October, EiB,...

Solving Global Climate and Nutrition Challenges Depends on Accelerated Crop Breeding

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 5/9/2022

Humanity’s future is intertwined with the earth’s plants. We need plants for livelihoods, for medicines, for manufacturing, for services such as recycling carbon dioxide. And most vitally...

IITA modernizing farm operations in partnership with Bayer

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 2/9/2022

With an overall mission to assure food security in Africa, IITA constantly seeks agricultural solutions to overcome hunger and poverty in the region. Achieving this requires a constant drive to develop and transform technologies and practices...

Designer Crops of the Future Must Be Better Tailored for Women in Agriculture

Partner news | | 24/7/2022

For all the progress that scientists have made in breeding crops that feed more people, these breakthroughs typically elude a core demographic in low-income countries that rely on agriculture: women. Advances in seed...

With the right tools, tech and shared services, crop breeding will be key to solving global challenges

Partner news | Adam Hunt | 21/6/2022

Not many organizations can claim to have saved a billion lives. But CGIAR’s crop breeding work has been credited with doing just that. Its research catalyzed the Green...

Solving for Zero: CGIAR Research Highlighted Among Climate Innovations to Meet Net Zero Emissions

Partner news | | 20/4/2022

Agriculture is one of the five main greenhouse gas-emitting sectors where innovations can be found to reach net-zero emissions, according to the new documentary and ten-part...