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CGIAR leaders meet on future of breeding program improvement

| Sam Storr | 13/9/2018

A meeting of scientific leaders in the CGIAR agreed that a cultural change is the way forward to drive breeding technology adoption, higher rates of genetic gain and more effective replacement of outdated crop varieties in the developing world.Greater accountability, adoption of transparent metrics, and a clearer division of breeding program processes will form a part of a culture of continuous improvement...

New business model puts high-tech genotyping to work for smallholder farmers

| Sam Storr | 20/8/2018

By Milcah Kigoni and Sam StorrThe ability to accurately and cheaply read the plant genome has made it possible to greatly speed up the creation of improved crops. Today, breeding teams developing varieties for smallholder farmers are showing that this technology will no longer be limited to large-scale agriculture, supported by an innovative new business model.The High-...

GOBII/EiB cross-project workshop showcases integrated breeding resources and tools to African partners

| Solomon Sirak | 22/2/2018

"By working together, we can have much greater impact and help train breeders in the latest and most efficient techniques,” Liz Jones, GOBII Director.This article first appeared on “We are at a pivotal point in time where there are several open-source data systems and analysis tools being built that can be...