Accelerated Breeding Initiative: Update Session

As part of CGIAR’s new portfolio, Accelerated Breeding Initiative is working with partners to improve breeding program design and practices to ensure we can deliver higher rates of genetic gain in the varieties farmers need.

This virtual event aims to build understanding, demonstrate what we are delivering, and hear your questions and feedback.

The video covers:

  • Breeding in CGIAR outlook – John Derera, Breeding & Pre-Breeding Senior Director, CGIAR
  • Accelerated Breeding vision
  • Work package offerings
  • Our key achievements and progress
  • Big goals for 2023
  • How we work with partners: contacts, information flow, Initiative collaboration
  • Feedback and questions from participants

Download the PowerPoint: Click here for PDF

See the CGIAR event page: here


We would like to thank all funders who support this Initiative through their contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund, as well as partners of Excellence in Breeding.