Breeding scheme optimization

Effects of reduced cycle time

What is the effect of reducing cycle time?

Breeding programs aim to increase productivity of varieties in farmers fields. EiB proposes a fast and accurate population improvement approach as a strategy to release such improved varieties at a faster rate.

These simulation reports show the impact of reducing the cycle time in the short and long-term genetic gain and improve variety release.



Breeding scheme designer


The Breeding Scheme Designer is a tool to explore trade offs between different evaluations strategies in breeding programs using stochastic simulation. Comparisons of different scenarios with respect to genetic gain and genetic gain per dollar invested are enabled.

Version 1. Excel format

Webinar: Enhancing and measuring Genetic Gain in crop breeding

Driving Genetic Gain through selection is at the core of every successful plant breeding program. In this webinar targeting national breeding programs in Africa, EiB will explain the concepts behind genetic gain; introduce tools and approaches to measure genetic gain; provide real examples from a national program in East Africa.

Organized by: CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB), Accelerating Genetic Gains (AGG), along with partners MAIZE, CIMMYT and more

Powerpoint slides (PDF links):

EiB breeding scheme optimization manuals

In order to deliver higher rates of genetic gain and variety turnover, breeding programs targeting low- to middle-income countries must adopt standard best practices in breeding scheme design in order to enable a continuous process of optimization to deliver on breeding targets (product profiles).

The CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform has developed this series of practical and conceptual manuals to set a common terminology and conceptual framework to visualize the main steps in a breeding process.