Operations and phenotyping

As of 2022, this work is delivered primarily through CGIAR Initiative on Breeding Resources, Work Packages 3 and 5.


New mechanization, automation, precision and high-throughput phenotyping tools have the potential to lower the cost of assessing variety traits and genotype-environment-management interactions, while improving accuracy and precision.

The operations and phenotyping module supports Platform members to adopt these new tools to increase the quantity and quality of phenotypic data they produce, and to use this data to improve the effectiveness of their breeding programs.

As a community of practice, the module creates information about tools, guides and best practices to be shared through the platform Toolbox. Expert interdisciplinary advice is shared to enable more rapid and effective adoption of phenotyping tools.

Finally, the module supports users to upgrade and share their phenotyping infrastructure, acts as a broker for approved services, and interfaces with the Bioinformatics module to support the management and use of phenotypic data.