Webinar: Applications of Genome Editing in Agriculture: CGIAR Focus on Crop Improvement

September 29, 2020

Date/time: Tue, Sep 29, 2020: 8:30 AM - 10:50 AM EDT / 1230 PM - 14:50 AM UST

Organizer: ICRISAT, One CGIAR

Join EiB's Director Michael Quinn and other experts.

Developments are advancing at a rapid pace and many countries are in the process of considering how to best realize the contributions that gene editing can make to improving agriculture and food systems, with particular attention to how genome edited products may or may not be regulated. This has similarly been a topic of discussion by CGIAR institutions, and efforts have been undertaken to advance a fit-for-purpose CGIAR policy.

CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB) exists to increase impact of CGIAR and NAREs breeding. EiB provides cross center, system level coordination, leadership and support to achieve the vision for CGIAR and NAREs breeding which is that “CGIAR-NAREs breeding networks generate rates of genetic gain ≥1.5% p.a. and that the average area weighted age of varieties in farmers’ fields is <10 years”.

Support includes providing know-how and developing shared services and breeding tools. Gene editing provides an exciting opportunity to support the vision for CGIAR and NAREs breeding particularly when applied to the most intractable traits for which there is no native genetic variance. Gene editing itself is out of scope for EiB but as a community we must think carefully about how to best integrate outputs from gene editing laboratories with breeding pipelines to best increase rates of genetic gain and reduce the age of varieties in farmers’ fields.

More info on the series: ICRISAT

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