Call for contributions to Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB)

During the Annual Meeting in March 2018, a list of high priority Toolbox contributions were identified. We are seeking contributors that are committed to deliver one or several of these as high quality products with applicability to multiple commodities (crops, animals). Focus is on relatively brief, practical, well-reflected contributions that are implementable by a wider range of users. Other suggestions than those listed on the EiB web site made by applicants provided they have applicability to multiple commodities (crops, animals).

When substantive time is required to complete the tasks to ensure required contributions, EiB will provide monetary compensation. As a result, for contributions that require four or more days of a scientist’s time, EiB will pay a standard fee of USD$ 600 per day for the contribution, up to a maximum of $18,000 (30 days).

The process is as follows:

  1. Using the form linked to here, potential contributors indicate to EiB the contribution, time to develop and date of delivery.
  2. Potential contributors also indicate to us what additional material you have already available (e.g. commodity specific) in support of Toolbox content and which you will make available at no costs.
  3. 3. EiB staff will give permission to proceed, or ask the applicant to revise the proposal.
  4. Once agreed and to minimize administrative costs, payment will be made upon delivery of the final product. Before approval of payment, Module #1 Leader (George kotch) will assess the output periodically and within 20 business days of delivery.
  5. If the output is less than satisfactory for the compensation, Module #1 leader will provide feedback to the contributor.We are confident that we get many high quality products. In case of dispute, EiB staff would draw on peer review, involving for example Expert Advisory Group members, to decide whether the proposed product is acceptable or not. The outcome of the independent review process will be final and binding.