Technology Adoption & Outreach



To support CGIAR and NARES breeding programs, EiB facilitates the adoption of various technologies and best practices.

  • Breeding programs can access a range of cutting-edge data and digitization tools and technology, and EiB aims to make adoption of these technologies easier, faster, and more impactful for partners

  • EiB has been designing the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS), and supporting other tools and services to enable digitization of breeding programs. These investments can greatly enhance breeding programs’ ability to increase genetic gains as long as the technology is effectively transferred and adopted. This work aims to provide training and user-documentation for technology adoption, as well as provide a framework to understand constraints to adoption that can be used continuously to improve the adoption process and EiB support needed.  

  • To support module impact, EiB works to speed up and improve deployment and adoption of tools, processes, and services. EiB works to:

    • Coordinate training that will focus on on-the-ground training as part of the crop-cycle

    • Provide documentation generalized across crops and systems

    • Improve the understanding of breeding program constraints/success of adoption through ongoing surveys and reiterative engagement

    • Support continuous improvement practices by defining and prioritizing a path to full operationalization of processes, systems and tools

    • Bring together personnel funded across diverse projects, (e.g., Next-Gen Cassava, IBP projects, ILCI) and align around common goals for system, workflows and tool adoption



  • Training, documentation, guidance and ongoing support for adopting processes, systems and tools

  • Support for data curation in breeding data management systems  

  • A mechanism to document user-requirements for operationalizing the existing Breeding Management System (BMS), and the new Enterprise Breeding System (EBS), within existing and developing crop processes

  • A standard framework for assessing successes and constraints to technology adoption that can be used to continuously improve the adoption processes, provide access to funding to remedy gaps in technology adoption, and direct support from EiB



Starting January 2022 EiB points of contact/coordination will be: